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Having trouble dusting? Try these simple tricks

Posted at 6:56 PM, Jun 28, 2016

Dusting. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending job. These dusting tips go beyond the obvious Endust and Swiffer to deliver truly sparkling results without too much effort.

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Make your life easier the next time you tackle pesky, hard-to-reach dust with these nine tricks.

1. Clean Your Blinds With Tongs

Once upon a time I was so distraught over the dust level on my mini blinds that I decided it was easier to throw them away and pay the $5 for a new set rather than clean them. Don’t be me. This trick from One Crazy House can make cleaning blinds a snap. All you need is a set of tongs, two microfiber towels and four rubber bands.

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2. Remove Dust From Small Vents

A cheap foam paint brush is the perfect tool to get into those teeny tiny spaces.

3. Use A Lint Roller To Clean Lampshades

This trick is so simple and can make a huge difference. Remember when your lampshades were white? Get rid of the grey dust with a few swipes of a lint roller. Voila!

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4. Re-Use Old Dryer Sheets

Dust will cling to old dryer sheets making them a perfect tool for cleaning electronics. Just be sure to use one that has already gone through the laundry cycle. A new one will leave behind a sticky residue, leaving you with more of a mess.

5. Dust With Pantyhose

Cut old pantyhose or tights off at the thigh, and slip the hose onto your hand or even the end of a broom. The fibers are anti-static and will attract dust as well as any microfiber cloth.

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