High technology takes center stage at the North American International Auto Show

Posted at 6:02 PM, Jan 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 09:22:48-05

Cars may be the stars of the North American International Auto Show, but technology seems to be the focus.

Combine four wheels and forward thinking and you will see how technology impacts the auto industry.

The market for electric cars continues to grow. You will find ways of showing off that energy - like using it to make blended drinks.

“We are using the Leaf-to-Home system which is a bi-directional charging station,” says Ernest Workman of the Nissan R&D Engineering Team. “It plugs in to the car's D.C. Charging port. And can actually charge the car and it can also discharge the car using the energy and battery to power your home."

What about powering that power? iSun is a Canadian company that sells solar powered carports.

"It will send energy back into your house and reduce your energy bills, reduce carbon footprint and enhance your use of the home by providing shading against sun or snow or rain," says Sass Peress of iSun Energy.

Another cool tech item? Digital license plates.

"Can automate all registration renewals, make your life very simple, no more DMV,” says Cassandra Cavanah of Reviver Auto. “It also looks incredibly cool as you can see."

You can find the digital plates only in California, but the company is hoping to expand.

Not only do the plates display your number, but it can change to give updates on the weather and even put out Amber Alerts.

"Put personalized messages on the plate, so things like 'my child is an A student' or 'don't drink and drive' it really adds personalization to your vehicle," says Cavanah.

And there is some tech fun to be had - like Cadillac's carpool karaoke.

"Get people into our cars and have some fun and walk away with something for their social media feed," says Nathan Tan of Brand Partnerships and Experiences at Cadillac.