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How Bernie Sanders could still clinch the nomination

Posted at 8:32 PM, Jun 06, 2016
Is it over for Bernie Sanders?
In all likelihood, yes – but despite the hoopla on Monday about Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton “clinching” the nomination, technically speaking, it simply isn’t true.
While Clinton has reached the “magic number” of delegates needed to win the nomination, 2,382, it doesn’t mean she’s officially the party’s nominee.
And the key reason surrounds superdelegates – unelected delegates free to support whomever they want at the party's national convention in July.
The thing is, Clinton does have the support of 571 superdelegates who have verbally committed themselves to her. But some could potentially do 180-degree turns and change their stances.
Unlikely, but possible.
Sanders, who only has about 48 superdelegates behind him, has 1,569 pledged delegates next to Clinton’s 1,812.
While the chances of Clinton’s superdelegates placing their support behind Sanders in Philadelphia are slim, Sanders has vowed to fight until then.
According to the New York Times, Sanders on Sunday repeated his pledge not to concede even if Clinton has acquired enough delegates.
The vow came just two days before the Tuesday primaries in California, a win that would be crucial in keeping Sanders’ hopes afloat.
When reporters in West Hollywood asked Sanders if he was pushing for a contested convention in Philly, he said he “absolutely” was.
Some Clinton supporters, however, think it’s time for him to back down, with one woman shouting “get out of the race” as he shook hands with supporters in California.
For now, however, Sanders continues to fight.