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How did these fans celebrate the Packers-Chicago Bears rivalry? With homemade bear chili

Posted at 10:21 AM, Sep 10, 2018

A sea of green and gold with a few speckles of orange surrounded Lambeau Field Sunday. Tailgaters were celebrating the start of Packers 100th season and enjoying the long time Packers-Bears rivalry. 

“It’s the home opener, Sunday Night Football, let’s go,” said Stephen Stay. 

“Enjoy friends and family and have good food and drinks,” said Tim Peters.

Barry Melotte hosts a huge party in the parking lot for family, friends and even strangers every home game. 

“Best fans in the world,” Melotte said.

This group took food to another level since the family happens to be in the meat distribution business. They’re meat packers. Their main course was bear chili, thanks to Melotte’s dad. 

“Two weeks ago, shot a 300-pound black bear in Canada and our tradition is always to have black bear chili for the Packer-Bear rivalry game,” Melotte said. 

Melotte’s mom did the cooking and the chili was so good Bears fans were eating it. 

“These fans are awesome they’re a lot of fun a lot more friendly than Chicago,” said Justin Kochen. 

Melotte said it felt good to be home. 

“This is the greatest place on earth,” said Melotte.