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Hundreds march in London to protest UK airstrikes in Syria

Posted at 11:32 AM, Dec 12, 2015

LONDON (AP) — Hundreds have demonstrated in central London to protest Britain's decision to launch airstrikes against Islamic State group targets in Syria.

Demonstrators marched Saturday from the BBC Broadcasting House to Prime Minister David Cameron's Downing Street office. Britain's Parliament voted earlier this month to sanction the airstrikes as part of a U.S.-led coalition.

Among the protesters was Ursala Khan, 22, of Birmingham, who wanted to show support for civilians caught in the attacks. She says "there is always going to be collateral damage, people will always be killed."

Cameron has argued that the airstrikes will strengthen Britain's security by degrading the IS forces responsible for attacks in Paris, Beirut and elsewhere. Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn accused Cameron rushing to war, but 66 Labour lawmakers voted with the Conservative government.