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Kansas City man 'quits' job at Popeye's by singing in viral video

Posted at 4:42 PM, May 16, 2018

KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  Most people quit their jobs by submitting a resignation letter or simply not showing up, but one local man is going viral for the unique way he quit at an area Popeyes.

Cedrick Workuff grabs a microphone before he heads into the Popeyes near 103rd and State Line Rd. Tuesday afternoon. 

"I come in here and slave all the time," he says in the now-viral video. "They think I'm going to go in there and be like 'I quit, I quit.' No, I'm about to go in there and sing."

Followed by his friend, Marco Summers, who is recording on his phone, Workuff grabs a microphone and heads to the door. 

"Excuse me, sir," Workuff said as he squeezes past a customer at the door. "I'm about to quit my job today." 

In the next few minutes, Workuff improvises a catchy song as the chuckling customers and confused employees stare on. 

Since the video was posted Tuesday afternoon, it's earned over 72800 views and nearly 13,000 shares. 

So what's the story behind the viral video? In an interview with Scripps affiliate KSHB, Workuff revealed he didn't even work at the Popeyes in the first place. 

Summers says he made the video to spread positivity and make people laugh.

"It's something me and Marco wanted to put in the works," said Summers. "It wasn't planned. It was all improvised. Only the idea was planned." 

Summers says he's made several other videos that have been shared by celebrities and TV shows like 'Right This Minute.'

He gets his inspiration from his own experiences.

"I've been through most of the stories I talk about. Instead of letting them damage me, I make them something funny," Summers said. "It's opening a door for people to laugh at situations like that."

Summers and Workuff hope to someday turn their stories into a TV show. 

"If we don't make people smile, we failed," Summers said. 

"Our main missing is to bring back peace and love through laughter," Workuff said. 

Summers posts videos on his Facebook and Youtube


**Please be aware - this video does contain some explicit language.