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Jimmy John's employee talks about staying calm at gunpoint

Posted at 9:57 PM, Apr 28, 2017

Millions of people have watched the video of a Kansas City Jimmy John's employee calmly handling an armed robbery.

According to police, Terry Rayford walked into the Jimmy John's restaurant Wednesday evening and pointed a gun at the employees. 

"Well he walked in and ordered a sandwich and asked what kind of cheese we had," said Tuker Murray, the Jimmy John's employee who was working behind the counter. "He whispers to me quietly open up the drawer. Then says it louder and cusses."

The crime was caught clearly on camera. 

Murray stayed calm and looked at Rayford directly in the eye, handing him the cash, even though he said he didn't want to. 

"My manager behind me was telling me to give him the money," Murray said. 

Rayford was charged in federal court Friday for possessing a firearm. He is a prior convicted felon. 

According to court documents, Rayford chose Jimmy John's because he felt the lighting was more dim than a nearby McDonalds or QuikTrip. 

The video was difficult for Murray's mother, Bonnie, to watch.

"When he touched that gun on my son's face, I have not been the same since," she said.