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List: These are the worst entry-level jobs

Posted at 8:47 AM, Apr 25, 2016

Those who are new to the workforce have a few jobs to avoid, if they can help it.

According to a comparison by WalletHub of 109 different entry-level positions — based on 11 key metrics, being a welder, a floor assembler, a plumber and even a carpenter is rough. Job hazard ranks high, and there's not a whole lot of growth potential, according to the study.

Here are the 12 worst positions for job-market entrants as ranked by WalletHub:

1. Welder
2. Floor assembler
3. Plumber
4. Boilermaker
5. Carpenter
6. Tool and die maker
7. Automotive mechanic
8. Emergency dispatcher
9. Machinist
10. Drilling engineer
11. Aircraft painter
12. Tax accountant

WalletHub's study was not all doom and gloom: It also ranked the best entry-level jobs. These are positions with immediate opportunity, a good potential for growth and fewer job hazards.

The 12 best position include:

1. Engineer
2. Systems engineer
3. Safety representative
4. Web applications developer
5. Environmental, health and safety engineer
6. Electrical engineer
7. Safety technician
8. Software engineer
9. Training Specialist
10. Architect
11. Web designer
12. Electronics engineer

To see the full ranking of 109 jobs, go here.