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Meghan McCain and Joe Biden share emotional moment on 'The View'

Posted at 4:55 PM, Dec 13, 2017

Wednesday's episode of "The View" brought an emotional dialog about cancer, as former Vice President Joe Biden visited the show, and brought tears to host Meghan McCain. 

McCain's father Sen. John McCain was diagnosed with glioblastoma in the summer. Biden's son Beau died of the same type of brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46. 

Meghan McCain was in tears as soon as she introduced Joe Biden, saying she had tried to read his book "Promise Me Dad," but couldn't get through it without becoming emotional. 

“I couldn’t get through your book. I tried,” she said. “Your son Beau had the same cancer that my father was diagnosed with six months ago. I think about Beau almost every day.”

Biden switched seats to sit next to McCain, and held her hand during the rest of the interview. 

"Look, one of the things that gave Beau courage, my word, was John," Biden said. "Your dad took care of my Beau. He became friends with Beau. Beau talked about your dad’s courage — not about illness, but his courage. If any of you have somebody that’s been diagnosed with glioblastoma, which is as bad as it gets, there’s breakthroughs that are happening occurring now. It can happen tomorrow."

Biden went on to say, "There is hope. If anybody can make it, it's your dad. Her dad is one of my best friends."

Biden and John McCain served together in the US Senate from 1987 until Biden became vice president in 2009. 

Click below to watch the entire interview: