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Michigan State fliers concerning culturally-based Halloween costumes has some students upset

Posted at 8:58 AM, Oct 14, 2019

Michigan State University is in the middle of a culture war over Halloween costumes.

Fliers bearing the logo for Michigan's State's Residence Education and Housing Services has appeared on campus message boards in recent weeks that discuss cultural appropriation in Halloween costumes.

Some of the fliers ask students if their costume is racially, ethnically or culturally biased.

The fliers also explain the difference between cultural appropriation versus appreciation.

Some students have taken exception to the fliers.

"The first priority of students here is to learn. they're here for their degree and to get their career later on and so this doesn't fall in line with MSU's job," one unidentified student said.

"I really don't think that it's too much too ask for people to not appropriate another culture," student Yancy Vineyard said. "I think more universities should take a stance against things like this. Especially times that we have today where there's so many issues going on with race and what not."

A spokesperson for Michigan State said the university is not requiring students to dress a certain way. The school just wants students to know how others can interpret their costumes.