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Missing Virginia teen safely located, alleged abductor apprehended

Posted at 3:33 PM, Oct 31, 2019

CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. – A 14-year-old girl who was the subject of an Amber Alert in Virginia, and her alleged abductor were found Wednesday night.

The pair, Isabel Hicks and Bruce Lynch, was stopped in a vehicle in Caroline County after another driver spotted the suspect's vehicle and called police, WTVR reports .

Neither the teenage girl, nor the 33-year-old man were injured during the traffic stop on Page Road in Ladysmith.

"The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office is happy to report that the vehicle with Isabel Hicks and Bruce Lynch was located and stopped in Caroline County after a pursuit," Louisa County Sheriff's Detective Chuck Love said. "Bruce Lynch was taken into custody and Isabel Hicks was located and appears unharmed."

Hicks and Lynch, who was described as Hicks' mother's ex-boyfriend, left Hicks' Louisa home more than a week ago. It was believed Hicks left willingly with the older man.

An Amber Alert was issued on Friday, October 25, when police said they learned Lynch had a gun and had "recent suicidal ideations."

The pair was spotted together late Monday night when they approached Lynch's mom's home in Montpelier and knocked on the door.

When Lisa Harper answered and told them they were wanted, the man and girl ran into the woods.

Earlier Wednesday, law enforcement indicated they were changing their search tactics.

“We have been receiving multiple calls about additional places of interest and our resources will be redeployed today to thoroughly investigate each of those," Louisa County Sheriff’s Office Det. Chuck Love said Wednesday afternoon.

This story was originally published by Jon Burkett and the staff at WTVR.