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Mother with 1-year-old fights off man trying to assault her in Florida park bathroom

Posted at 6:25 PM, Nov 27, 2017

Parents are frightened to hear what a mother went through Sunday evening while at Commons Park in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. 

"It's a mother's worst nightmare." Another parent told West Palm-based WPTV, "Definitely scary to hear."

Sheriff's deputies said the woman told them she was at the park with her 1-year-old child when they went to the restroom. When the woman walked out of the bathroom stall, a man was coming out of the stall next to her. 

She told detectives the man, 20-year-old Carlos Andresil, offered her money for sex, not once, but twice. When she refused, she told deputies the man grabbed her and pushed her into the stall.

She said she fought back, screaming and hitting him. The woman and her baby, who was in a stroller escaped. She called for help.

"Thank goodness she was able to get away and I'm glad that they apprehended him. Good for her for actually fighting him off. You always hope that that would be your reaction and outcome, really scary," a parent said. 
Andresil is charged with attempted sexual battery and kidnapping. He went before a judge Monday morning where his bond was set at $50,000.