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Florida teacher reassigned after criticizing 'Day Without Immigrants' movement

Posted at 7:44 PM, Feb 16, 2017

A Florida elementary teacher has been reassigned after she wrote a social media post that criticized the "Day Without Immigrants."

Veronica Flemming was a computer lab instructor and instructional-review teacher at Parkside Elementary School in Naples.

"The funny part about immigrants staying home is the rest of us who pay for them are here at work like we've always been. Looks like less mouths to feed today. Have fun while you still can. So glad to hear about massive deportation. Let's make America great again. Thanks Donald Trump!!" her post read.

She has since been removed to the district administrative center pending the outcome of an internal investigation. 

The Parkside Elementary School principal sent a letter to families addressing their concerns over the post.

"I want to ensure our families that this person's individual post is not at all reflective of our school staff in any way. Our actions and work, some mentioned above, are the true reflection of how much we love and care about our children and families and how passionate we are about our wonderful school community," Tamie Stewart Parkside Elementary School Principal.