NCAA announces major changes to recruiting in college basketball in hopes of fighting corruption

Posted at 1:16 PM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 14:16:41-04

The NCAA has announced Wednesday a series of major changes to college basketball in the hopes of eliminating corruption in the sport.

The NCAA will now allow undergraduate students to participate in the NBA draft and return to school if they are not selected. Previously, players were allowed to attend the NBA combine but needed to withdraw 10 days prior to the draft in order to retain eligibility.

"Elite" high school prospects will now be permitted to be represented by an agent certified by the NCAA. According to CBS, USA Basketball will be tasked with choosing which prospects are considered "elite."

The NCAA also announced major changes to the recruiting calendar, which the association hopes will allow recruits to attend more showcase events put on by high schools. Currently, apparel companies put on some of the most prestigious recruiting events.

Finally, the NCAA will hold university presidents and chancellors personally accountable for their own athletics programs. The league declined to specify how the presidents and chancellors would be punished for the actions of their athletic departments. 


The NCAA's announcement comes about a year after an FBI investigation led to charges against four assistant coaches. The investigation claimed that apparel companies were paying recruits and steering them toward schools with which the companies sponsored. Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino resigned the wake of the investigation. 

Read the full list of NCAA rule changes here.