Neighbors sue Florida homeowner over holiday lights and music

Posted at 8:44 PM, Dec 12, 2016

Can a home have too much holiday cheer?

A West Palm Beach, Florida couple got so fed up with their neighbors' Christmas lights and music, they're taking them to court.

On Alhambra Place, there are several homes shining brightly for the holidays, but there's one in particular that stands out. Miriam Galan's home has been the brightest for more than a decade.

"Everything is Christmas," Galan said of her display. Last year she even added a dancing, singing Santa Claus. "I love him," Galan said.

One of her neighbors across the street has had enough in year two of the singing decoration. They claim Miriam leaves jolly old St. Nick and her lights on throughout the night.

Sick and tired of the noise, they filed complaints with the West Palm Beach Police Department last week.

The couple said the noise has gotten so bad, they've had to spend time away from home.

"Now it comes to this, I'm nervous," Galan said of the lawsuit.

WPTV reached out to the couple, but they did not want to comment.

We spoke with other neighbors on the block and the majority said they had no issues with Galan's display. Galan's attorney plans to file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.