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Neighbors save 4-year-old boy after being kidnapped in front of Maryland home

Posted at 10:17 AM, Jun 18, 2018

An Essex, Md. mother is thanking her neighbors after police say they saved her 4-year-old boy from being kidnapped. 

On Friday, police say a mother was watching her son play outside of their home when she went into the garage to get a toy. While she was in the garage, she said she heard the scooter her son was riding hit the ground, so she quickly began to look for her son. 

Several neighbors say they saw a woman bear hug and then grab the 4-year-old boy, and walk toward a road. The neighbors and the mother were able to find the woman still holding the boy. 

Police say the woman refused to let go of the child and the neighbors struggled with her until they finally were able to release the boy. He was returned to his mother with minor injuries. 

Police also say the woman who took the boy was not known by the child or his mother. The woman is in custody and her information will not be released until she is charged.