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Ohio middle school students investigated after reports they served tainted food to teachers, staff

Posted at 7:26 PM, May 21, 2019

A group of Columbus-area middle-school students may have served food tainted with bodily fluids to teachers judging a year-end home economics class project, the Columbus Dispatch reported Monday.

The food: Crepes.

The fluids: Urine and semen.

The proof, according to police: A video Hyatt Middle School administrators discovered after the crepes had already been eaten.

According to the Dispatch, "The video reportedly describes, or shows, both urine and semen being added to the crepes.”

County authorities will need to conduct a forensic analysis to determine whether the teachers really consumed bodily fluids or the video was a grotesque joke, Delaware County sheriff’s office spokeswoman Tracey Whited told the Dispatch.

If the former turns out to be the truth, the students could face delinquency charges such as assault with a bodily substance.

According to the Dispatch, at least five victims had been identified and eight students had been questioned by Monday night.