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PolitiFact fact checks Sanders, Trump

Posted at 10:02 PM, Mar 10, 2016

Fact check No. 1:

With a surprising win in the Michigan primary--Bernie Sanders proves he has plenty of fight left in him. Sanders even claiming he has the best chance to beat Donald Trump.

"Not all, but almost every poll has shown that Sanders vs. Trump does a lot better than Clinton vs. Trump," Sanders said.

That claim by Sanders in last week's debate in Michigan had a lot of voters scratching their heads.  Sanders has less than half the delegates of Hillary Clinton.

But what he's referring to are national polls taken since January that have kind of measured up Clinton and himself against Trump. found 6 out of 7 national polls taken since the start of the year show voters believe Sanders has a better chance to defeat Trump than Clinton.  But polling experts tell Politifact, polls taken well before the start of the general-election have historically not been very accurate predictors of the November results.

Still, the Truth-o-Meter rating Sanders claim as.. MOSTLY TRUE


Fact check No. 2:

"This guy has the No. 1 absentee record in the United States (Senate), he doesn't show up to vote," Trump said about Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. 

That's a claim Donald Trump is once again hammering home as the GOP heads to Rubio's home state of Florida for next week's primary.

If you look at the past year, Marco Rubio has the most truant voting record in the United States Senate.

But when looking at career numbers, Rubio actually ties Ted Cruz in missed votes. Because Trump didn't specify a time period with his statement, Politifact rating Trump's claim as... MOSTLY TRUE