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Rednecks hold their 'blanking Summer Games'

Posted at 11:38 AM, Jul 30, 2016

HEBRON, Maine (AP) — There will be no world-class athletes or top-notch sporting venues. But you will find barbecue, beer and muddy tugs of war at the event formerly known as the Redneck Olympics.

The weekend event, now officially known as the "Redneck (Blank)" after the real Olympics threatened to sue, also features a pie-eating contest, bobbing for pig's feet, a greased watermelon haul and toilet seat horseshoes.

If that's not redneck enough, then there's a wife-hauling contest and free mud runs for big-tired pickup trucks.

Organizer Harold Brooks said it's all about regular folks having fun without airs of pretentiousness.

"For me, a redneck doesn't mean a person who's dumb or lazy. A redneck to me means someone who can laugh at themselves. They're a hard-working group of people who can let loose and have a good time," he said.

Spectators are encouraged to get into the act during the "competition," but actual athletic skills are not a requirement.

There are faux gold, silver and bronze medals for winners of Saturday's contests. But these aren't Olympic events. The U.S. Olympic Committee put the kibosh on the "Redneck Olympics" name in 2011, Brooks said.

That doesn't mean rednecks went down without a fight. On Saturday, T-shirts were emblazoned with "Redneck Olympics" — with "Olympics" crossed out.

Brooks said his event is more fun and affordable than the real Olympic Games, which he believes has grown too big for its britches.

"The average redneck couldn't afford to go the Olympics," he said.