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Siblings have babies on same day in same Florida hospital

Posted at 12:10 AM, May 16, 2018

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Two siblings, one brother and one sister, had their children at Cape Coral Hospital on the same day, within hours of one another.

Kenia Pozo and her older brother Marcus had a daughter and a son on May 14th.

Pozo and her brother's girlfriend Katery Lara, gave birth after two subsequent cesarean sections. Pozo was scheduled to have hers first and give birth to a girl, Michaela Rose, just before 8 a.m. Lara gave birth to a boy, Kaiser Alexis, just after 11 a.m. the same day.

The two women say they grew especially close during their pregnancies. 

Initially, Lara was due on May 26th and Pozo was due May 27th. Both women initially thought that they would give birth at least a day apart from one another. Pozo and Lara, who both have the same doctor, discovered they were going to deliver on the same day after scheduling their surgeries. 

The women said they were happy to have gone through the experience together and they hope their children will share a special bond because of how they came into the world.