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Side effect to Peeps-flavored Oreos: pink poop

Posted at 7:58 PM, Mar 06, 2017

Several weeks ago, Nabisco released a limited edition batch of Peeps-flavored Oreos in time for the Easter season. But one thing some fans of the cookie with a pink marshmallow filling have noticed: Their excrement has turned pink. 

It turns out that the food coloring in Oreo filling, which is flavored to taste like Peeps, has caused some customers' poop to reportedly turn pink. 

According to the list of ingredients in Peep Oreos, red No. 3 food coloring is used to dye the filling. While this food coloring is easy enough to discolor someone's tongue, a large serving of foods containing red No. 3 could turn stool into a pink or red color. 

While the safety of red No. 3 has been debated in recent decades after a single report linked the dye to a small increase in the risk of cancer, the FDA has generally considered the dye safe for human consumption. 

So don't let the thought of pink stool stop you from eating a Peeps Oreo. 

A similar issue took place in 2015 when Burger King introduced its limited time Black Whopper. The Whopper contained a specially dyed bun, which caused the stool of diners to become green.