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South Carolina official to complaining EMS workers: 'Kill yourself or quit'

Posted at 12:43 PM, Aug 16, 2017

A South Carolina government official has resigned after reportedly suggesting that unhappy emergency medical workers kill themselves if they don't like their jobs.

Kevin Bronson, Richland County's assistant administrator for public safety, quit his post amid the fury over his comments at a meeting with about 100 emergency medical service employees on Aug. 10.

According to WIS-TV, Bronson heard a list of complaints from Richland County medics at the meeting and in response, was heard advising them, "If it's really that bad you can just kill yourself or leave."

On Aug. 11, officials with Richland County said Bronson would be disciplined and that his comments were "unacceptable," according to South Carolina's The State.

That same day, Bronson resigned from his post, which was a non-elected position he'd held since December 2015.

Bronson's comment especially shocked the area's community of emergency workers after a Richland County sheriff's deputy killed himself in his cruiser while on duty in July.

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