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Town where 'Jersey Shore' was filmed now wants quiet beaches

Posted at 1:48 AM, Jul 25, 2016
SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey town made famous by the "Jersey Shore" reality TV series and its hard-partying cast is ready for some quiet time on its beaches.
Seaside Heights is banning speakers, boomboxes and any other devices that amplify music from its beaches, beginning Friday. It's part of a 60-day experiment.
Borough administrator Christopher Vaz told ( ) the council received complaints about loud music, and lifeguards have reported confrontations between beachgoers over the volume.
"We have a right to have reasonable rules for the beach and we want all our guests to be able to peacefully and quietly enjoy the beach," Vaz said.
Vaz said he's actually seen people wheeling out speakers the size of luggage onto the beach. "That makes it pretty hard to avoid listening to your neighbor's music," he said.
Beach attendants will ask patrons to leave the amplification in their vehicles and lifeguards will be watching for violators.
For beachgoers who want to listen to music, it now must be straight from their mobile devices or through a pair of ear buds.
Many critics of the MTV show, including Republican Gov. Chris Christie, complained it offered an unflattering portrayal of the state.