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Video captures deer running through DC subway tunnels

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jun 12, 2018

Unsuspecting subway riders in Washington D.C. got quite a surprise Tuesday morning when a deer scampered by the platform. 

In a video released by Washington's Metro Transit Authority, the deer got relatively close to waiting passengers. In one scene, a woman was oblivious that a deer was nearby as he was using a smartphone until the deer was close by. 

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel told the Washington Post that the deer likely entered the tunnel by Reagan National Airport and likely came from a wooded area. He added that it is common for animals to reach the track, but it is much more uncommon for animals to enter inside a tunnel. 

The deer managed not only avoided being struck by a train, the deer avoided being electrocuted by the track. The deer reportedly escaped the tunnel with no one getting injured.