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Video captures e-cigarette exploding in man's pocket

Posted at 10:05 AM, Dec 25, 2016

A man was hospitalized on Wednesday after his e-cigarette ignited in his pocket while riding a bus in Fresno, California, according to multiple local media outlets.

KSFN-TV reported that the man was told by the bus driver to put his e-cigarette away. Two minutes after the man put the e-cigarette in his pants pocket, his pants burst into flames from the e-cigarette. 

Video obtained by the station shows the man running to the front of the bus while his pants were on fire. 

KSFN reported that the victim said he felt the device getting hot before it ignited, which is a sign of a malfunction. 

Just days before Wednesday's incident, US Sen. Chuck Schumer called on the FDA to recall e-cigarettes due to a number of similar incidents. According to FDA figures, there have been 66 reported incidents of exploding e-cigarettes from 2015 through early 2016.