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VIDEO: Lightning struck Trump's skyscraper in Chicago after he won Illinois

Posted at 1:47 PM, Mar 16, 2016

As Donald Trump cruised to an easy victory in Illinois, weather made things difficult for the Prarie State. A line of severe storms ripped through the Chicagoland area on Tuesday night, including wind gusts over 70 mph, large hail, heavy rain and even a possible tornado.



But soon after it was projected that the New York businessman had won the state's primary and would take 49 of the state's 69 delegates, Instagram user @mrmikeyv captured a bolt lightning striking Trump's skyscraper in downtown Chicago.



The user who took the ominous video called the strike "ironic."

The Trump International Hotel and Tower is the second tallest building in Chicago behind the Willis Tower. It stands at 1,388 feet.