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Waste Management worker's act of kindness caught on camera

Posted at 9:06 PM, Oct 16, 2019

A Waste Management worker’s act of kindness is bringing tears to the eyes of many people after video of it was posted to Facebook.

Colette Kingston posted the Ring doorbell footage Wednesday, and it has since received hundreds of shares.

Kingston wrote in the post that her mother fell at her Independence, Missouri, home in January while trying to roll her trash can back up the driveway.

The same worker captured in the video was there when it happened, Kingston said.

“Ever since, he has brought the can back up the driveway for mom,” Kingston wrote.

In the video, the pair strikes up a conversation as they walk back up the drive, holding hands.

“You’re looking good! Like that hair, you got it down! I gotta work on mine. See you later, darlin’!” the worker can be heard saying.

Kingston said in her post the worker’s efforts bring her family peace of mind.

“He demonstrates such care for her. It takes a village — such a small kind gesture but leaves a enormous relief for us,” Kingston wrote.

Kingston said her family has learned his name is Billy Shelby. She said she plans to try to reach out to him today.