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WATCH: Brad Pitt rescues young girl from being crushed by crowd of fans

Posted at 11:37 PM, May 25, 2016
If there were ever any doubt that actor Brad Pitt cares deeply about his fans, a video out of Spain puts those doubts to rest.
Video footage shows the actor, 52, coming to the rescue of a young fan Monday in Spain’s Canary Islands.
Pitt was reportedly filming the upcoming World War II movie Allied, when he took a break to greet fans. 
That’s when he noticed that in the midst of all the enthusiasm, a young girl was being pushed up against a fence by an overexcited crowd, Time reports.
Pitt can be seen frantically pointing at the child before rushing over with his two bodyguards, lifting the child over the fence and comforting her.
Soon, a medical team arrived and tended to the girl.
Pitt, who is being widely praised for his actions, has been deemed a hero for the incident – fitting, as he often plays roles in which he saves the day.