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Woman claims worms found in salmon bought from California Costco

Posted at 1:21 AM, Aug 25, 2017

A Chula Vista, California woman is warning others after she claims she found worms in the salmon she bought at a Chula Vista Costco store.

Sylvia told San Diego-based KGTV said she purchased two packages of sockeye salmon on Saturday at a Costco on H Street in Chula Vista. 

When she went to cook them Saturday for a family party, she noticed at least three worms wriggling in the fish.

"It was sick, I was sick. I was like … until now I can't even think about it; my stomach is still like scrambling," she said. "I wish I did not see it."

Sylvia said she immediately took the fish back to the store and they gave her a full refund.

When pressed for a comment, a Costco corporate communications coordinator, who asked KGTV not to attribute her name to the information, said: "Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a response at this time."

Sylvia said if the company knows there is a risk of worms in their fish, she would like to see a label placed on the product.

"At least let the consumer know, that's all," she said.