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You should be tipping at coffee shops — and in these other situations

Posted at 4:50 PM, Sep 05, 2017

When you grab your morning coffee, should you throw something in the tip jar?

So many places are suggesting you leave a little something, from carry-out to fast-casual.

So what's the expectation?

Etiquette expert Christy Porter says, we should split our services into 3 categories and tip accordingly.

Sit-down restaurants are category number one. Porter says, tipping is obligatory.

"You have to remember it's generally not just the wait person that you are tipping in a restaurant scenario. There are so many behind the scenes people that share in those tips."

 When it comes to how much to tip at a sit-down restaurant, Porter says to tip 20%.

"By slighting the tip to the wait person, you might think you're just slighting the wait person, but you are really short changing all of those behind the scenes people too."

Next category is delivery. Porter says, the less work you do the more you need to shell out. For example, you should expect to tip 15% when ordering a pizza on a Friday night. Porter says, that's because someone had to make it and use their personal car to deliver it.

The third category is pickup. Porter says, you're putting in some of the effort. "Take out might just be 10% if I've gotten out of the car and grabbed it myself."

Tipping can be tricky outside the restaurant too. Porter says, when it comes to tipping your ride share driver that you shouldn't feel obligated because the company website says tipping is included.

However, at coffee shops Porter says to tip the barista one or two dollars. If you can't make your latte at home, then you should tip for their service.