Neighbors warn others about string of trailer thefts in Antioch

Posted at 10:31 PM, Oct 23, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Theft victims in Antioch want to warn neighbors about a string of thefts targeting trailers and lawn equipment.

"I was so frustrated and angry," Camillia Bohannon said. She says her trailer and work gear was stolen earlier this month, costing her about $1,500. "The trailer we had was for our business and were not able to do a lot of things because we don't have this trailer."

Cameras caught the crook in action, showing him pulling up to Bohannon's home empty handed, but leaving with the trailer. The theft happened in the middle of the afternoon.

"If he could do that in the middle of the day, what kind of person are we dealing with? Bohannon asked.

She posted about the brazen burglary online and soon neighbors told her she wasn't alone. The same white pickup truck had targeted several other people as well.

"I found four instances where he's actually stolen things and I found two attempts"

Bohannon said all the burglaries came in the same area.

"They range from Anderson Road, here off of Smith Springs, Bell Road," she explained. "We have to find him, because if he's doing this to every one or a lot of people, then we need to get him off the street for sure."