New Bike Lane Causing Safety Concerns

Posted at 5:19 PM, Aug 26, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A new bike path in East Nashville was supposed to keep cyclists safe from cars, but a YouTube video has shown that's not happening.

The video showed a cyclist having two close calls with two different vehicles.

The protected bike path has been along Davidson Street in a commercial corridor, so it's not unusual to see large vehicles going in and out of businesses.

The only problem has been the bike path is right on the exit to most businesses.

"They come out of their driveway, it's difficult, they have to actually look for bikers and then look for parked cars and cars coming around us so to speak," said Russ Pyle who works at a business nearby.

He said a turn lane into his business is gone making it difficult for traffic flow.

He also said the bike path layout has been a bit confusing even though there's signage, a new lane for parking rarely gets used.

Nora Kern with Walk/Bike Nashville said the new bike path is the way of the future.

"This is a really kind of one step up in facility type where the bikes are totally separate and don't have to worry about cars," said Nora who rides her bike to work every day.

She said cyclists should report incidents to police, especially if they have video, and if they think the bike path needs some tweaking they should call Metro Public Works.