New Bill Would Allow Guns In Private Schools

Posted at 6:02 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 19:56:44-05
Private schools could soon be making their own call as to whether or not people can carry guns on their campus.
A newly introduced bill would make that possible. Senator Mike Bell has been working to make that happen, he's the author of Bill 1559.
"Under this bill private K-12 and higher education institutions will have the ability to create their own policy that would allow qualified people to carry handguns in all buildings and campuses owned and operated by the private school," said Senator Bell. 
In addition, it would also allow qualified people to bring those guns into a building. Senator Bell said the individual private institutions will be the ones to decide who is allowed to do that.
Doctor Claude Pressnell, President of the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association, said the bill would work in most institutions' favor because it allows them to make decisions based on their location
"we have some campuses that are located in urban areas some that are in rural areas, some in suburban areas; so they have very different settings so if the institutions can make that decision based on their individual setting that seems to be the best place that decision should be made," said Dr. Pressnell. 
The bill was introduced Monday and has yet to be passed. Yet, TICUA's President stood behind it because of what it's meant to do.
"they're more concerned about what happens from the classroom to the automobile for their faculty and staff to be able to protect themselves," said Dr. Pressnell. 
If lawmakers vote in favor of this bill our state would join about a half dozen other states, including Arkansas, Arizona, and Kansas, that are considered constitutional carry states.