Elite Nannies Of Nashville Helping Locals & Tourists Find Childcare

Posted at 7:20 AM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 08:36:22-04

Finding childcare in a booming city can be a huge challenge for parents. Now, a new company is helping Nashville locals and tourists find that extra set of hands. 

Sabrina Washington loves caring for kids.

"So about a year ago, I was a director at a private preschool downtown," said Washington. 

She said trying to find a qualified sitter often leaves many parents on a waiting list.

"Normally I would have to tell them 'No, there isn't a space," she said. 

So Washington decided to start her own company called Elite Nannies of Nashville, a nanny referral service. 

As Nashville grows and as more people come here those services are going to have to follow. And it's not just about locals, Elite Nannies has recently branched out to help visitors looking for a night off.

"From the beginning when we started, we were getting calls from tourists, asking if we had babysitters available to come and babysit their children while they were out on the town. And we would always tell them 'No.' But finally we folded in and we started Sitters for Sightseers which just branched right off Elite Nannies of Nashville. And that is where we provide baby sitters for people from all over. We just recently had a family come in from London and had a baby sitter for several days that came to their AirBnb," she said. 

Washington said they always need more nannies. If you would like more information click here