New exhibit pays homage to Ukraine, raises money for relief efforts

Murfreesboro artists raising money for Ukraine
Posted at 8:24 PM, Apr 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-03 06:23:49-04

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WTVF) — At the Murfreesboro Art League gallery, each piece of art tells a story. Now a new exhibit tells the story of a place thousands of miles away.

Phyllis Razo is one of several artists with the league. Armed with a brush and paper, artists like her are hoping to make a difference through their work.

"I think everybody really enjoyed what they were doing here and the reason that we were doing it," said Razo.

The Murfreesboro Art League, located in the Cannonsburg Village, is hosting a sunflower exhibit to help Ukrainian refugees.

The sunflower is Ukraine's national flower, which is why artists have come together to depict sunflowers in different settings.

Some paintings show fields of sunflowers, while others display them as bouquets. The paintings utilize a wide variety of mediums like watercolors and oils. Each piece depicts the artist's unique interpretation using a variety of mediums.

"We all see things differently," said Razo. "There are no two alike and there can't be because it's the individual's- what the individual themselves feel when they're painting this."

All proceeds from the artwork sold will go to relief in the war-torn country.

It comes at a time that the gallery is seeing an uptick in interest.

"We have noticed that we've had a big increase in members," said league member Patricia Thomas. "[We] have a lot of members, new people coming in that are interested in art and people that are buying art."

Artists hope this new trend will mean more artwork sold, and more money for Ukraine.

Paintings are priced between $20 to $150. The event runs through June and artists in the community are invited to donate their sunflower paintings to the fundraiser as well.

Razo said, "you paint it and we'll hang it."