New Haslam Spending Proposed For Roads, TennCare

Posted at 8:40 PM, Mar 28, 2016

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam is proposing new spending on Tennessee roads, TennCare and schools.
Excerpts of the annual budget amendment released Monday reflect the governor's priorities for spending savings and revenues exceeding original projections for the budget year beginning July 1.
The plan would direct $12 million to the state's highway fund on top of the $130 million Haslam had proposed earlier this year. About $42 million of that total would be spent on the transportation needs of cities and counties.
The proposal would also spend $18 million to restore a 1 percent rate cut for TennCare providers, and $9 million to pay for growth in school enrollment.
Haslam is also proposing $147,000 to be spent on a new position within the state's Office of Open Records Counsel.