New Murfreesboro Police Chief Speaks Out About Future Plans

Posted: 5:19 PM, Nov 09, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-09 19:23:36-05
New Murfreesboro Police Chief Talks Future Plans

He's now the top cop in the state's fastest growing city. Just days after the former Murfreesboro police chief abruptly resigned, a new man has been on the job.

For the first time since taking over, Chief Michael Bowen talked about his commitment to keeping the city safe.

"It's humbling," Chief Bowen said. "The responsibility I've been given is not taken lightly."

The 29-year veteran of the force has been named the Murfreesboro police chief, and there's more...

"New police chief and new headquarters. I think we are truly fortunate," said Bowen.

The former deputy chief took over for Karl Durr who abruptly resigned two weeks before.

It's Bowen who will now usher in the opening of the city's new police headquarters in just weeks.

"That will be the main entrance going into the lobby," said Bowen pointing to renderings of the building.

It's all going to be new, but Bowen has promised to be a steady hand -- a soft-spoken man who leads by example and gives straight answers to even silly questions.

"What are the five stars," asked a reporter pointing to the star pin on Bowen's collar.

"Chief," Bowen responded.

"What did you have before that," asked the reporter.

"Four," said Bowen.

His immediate priorities beyond moving into the new headquarters is outreach in the community and creating safer neighborhoods.

"I know around the MTSU campus we are looking at a crime-free housing program, and that will kick off in the near future," said Bowen.

He said leadership is a team effort and added he will welcome input from officers.

"My door is open. If you need to come talk to me, I've made that available," said Bowen.

He said he works well with the county's other police chiefs and the sheriff. One recent example?

Together they all helped make sure October's planned White Lives Matter rally in the city did not turn violent. That's just one of many facets to the complicated job.

But Bowen said he's spent his life in Murfreesboro -- high school at Riverdale and college at MTSU -- and he's ready to lead.

"My family has deep roots in this town. It's a town that I love. I love the people. I love the department," said Bowen. "It's truly an honor to be in this position."