New Nashville Hotels Could Mean Good News For Your Wallet

Posted at 8:54 AM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-22 12:08:14-04

Nashville attracts millions of visitors every year and hospitality is a booming business. According to the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp, 4,000 new rooms are under construction and thousands more have been announced.

Will the added hotel rooms mean good news for your wallet? 

"That will probably start happening a little bit because you get a new guy that comes into town and they drop the rates just a little bit to get the 'heads in beds.' And then another hotel opens. So maybe sometime in the next year or so Nashville may chill out a little bit, but it's still going strong for the foreseeable future," said said Kim Collins, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Hayes Street Hotel. 

The Hayes Street Hotel opened last month.

"We purchased the property last June," said Collins.

Hayes Street is an independent, boutique hotel located in midtown. The management said keeping things relatively small and local gives Hayes Street a homey feel.

"We want to gives guests a piece of Nashville that they may not experience otherwise," Collins said. 

Carving-out a niche in the Nashville hotel market is especially important these days.

Collins said more competition can help curve prices down.

All of the added rooms are great news if you are a consumer, but what are all these hotels doing to set themselves apart?

How about a hotel that's more like a exhibit?

"First and foremost we're a museum. Art is not decorative. It's who we are," said Philip Forte, the general manager of the newly opened 21c

Rent a room at 21c downtown and you're surrounded by contemporary artwork that moves and sparkles. There's even a movie room with art-house film if you're looking for something even more off-beat.

Forte said he hopes by staying unique and different the rooms at 21c, all 124 of them, will stayed booked.