New Technology Saves Baby Alpaca Named 'Hercules'

LEBANON, Tenn. - A little alpaca named Hercules has been back on the ranch after a bad injury. His recovery has been thanks to incredible new technology.

Hercules was just 24 hours old when he broke his leg on his ranch in Lebanon.

He had an open, exposed wound, which led to an infection.

But a device called a NuCress scaffold had him back on his feet in no time!

The technology developed by researchers at UT Knoxville and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock delivered drugs directly to the wound, without the need for additional surgeries.

Those researchers just received a $5 million grant from the Department of Defense to develop the NuCress scaffold to one day be used on humans.

To learn more about Hercules and the new technology, visit the University of Arkansas at Little Rock online.

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