Next Generation 911 System Comes To Davidson Co.

Posted at 5:18 PM, Mar 03, 2016

A new emergency calling system, Next Generation 911, which allows texts to be sent to 911 has come to Davidson County

"Your smart phones do so many things nowadays; so all of that will have to be gone over, accepted and figured out how we're going to work it into the 911 environment," said Tim Nielson, Emergency Call Center Information Technology Manager.

The new computer system to support this technology has been installed. Starting next year, callers will be able to send text messages to the call center.

If all goes well over the next few years, they'll also add technology so that people can send pictures and videos as well.  

A lot has changed since Rick Beasley became An Emergency Communications Officer nearly 4 decades ago

"When I started back in 1977, we had a conveyor belt and you would fill out cards and send them to the conveyor belt and send them up to the dispatcher, who would then take those cards and dispatch the unit," Beasley said. 

While it might be exciting to send video and images to the emergency center, receiving them is  something some communication officers will have to get used to.

it's just part of the technology that will soon come with the job. "It's all in the name of getting the job done, and what ever means is utilized for that," said Beasley. 

Tennessee was already several steps ahead of other states in the Next Generation system.