NHA saves disabled dog; outfits him with wheelchair

Posted at 10:32 PM, Jun 25, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WTVF) — The Nashville Humane Association say it's a little more difficult to place animals in homes that have special needs, but staff are committed to finding them his forever homes.

That's what executive director Laura Chavarria is planning to do with a wheelchair bound dog name Lieutenant Dan. There is nothing slowing down this hound, not even the fact that he's missing his hind legs.

"Some days are harder than others, but to see Dan zip around it reminds us why we're here," said Chavarria.

Lt. Dan is named after the fictional character from Forrest Gump, he's a sweet dog that once had to deal with a violent past.

An animal shelter was able to rescue Dan but staff had to call the Nashville Humane Association when they discover the severity of the injuries to his legs.

"When Dan came in he recently had wires wrapped around his leg and that it stayed on so long that basically his legs rotted off and they were not able to be saved," said Dr. Megan Anderson, veterinarian.

At just about 6 months old Dan had to undergo several surgeries but it never trampled his spirits. Dan was fitted for a wheel chair and he'll soon have prosthetics to help him get around but what he needs the most is a family.

"We're hoping with the 25th anniversary of Forrest Gump coming out that this could really give us a platform to showcase Lt. Dan and help him find his family," said Chavarria.

A family that can take care of this special dog.

"It’s really going to take a special family that's going to be patience, preferably somebody that doesn't have any stairs because Lt. Dan does have a wheelchair," Chavarria said.

Dan's chair is not slowing down his love for a great future and if you want to adopt him visit the Nashville Humane Association website or contact them at 615-352-1010.