Nolensville Residents Deal With High Water Bills

Posted at 5:15 PM, Sep 11, 2018

Most people with an irrigation system expect their water bills to increase during the summer, but customers living in Nolensville said their bills have doubled and in some cases tripled.

"Our main concern is the fluctuation in our bill and our usage," said Jeanne Boutilier.

Each month it's a new surprise. Sometimes the water bill is what Nolensville residents expected and other months it's breathtaking.

Boutilier showed NewsChannel 5 her water bill from last month. Nolensville College Grove Utility District charged her for 19,400 gallons of water. This month, she was charged for 42,000 gallons of water.

Boutilier said this has been an ongoing issue for a year and a half now, not knowing just how much cash she will have to shovel out.

"I've been there with my bills in hand, and I keep being told, 'It's a leak. You probably have a leak.' So I have paid to have our pool lines checked, there's no auto refill, there's no leaks in the house. Plumbers have said everything is fine," said Boutilier.

After speaking with other experts, she now believes the high bills are due to her water pressure.

Boutilier is not the only one dealing with these expensive water bills. Dozens of Nolensville College Grove Utility District customers commented on the Nolensville 411 Facebook group with the same problem.

"If it's as simple as putting a pressure valve on, why not let customers know? Put that valve on your irrigation system and control the pressure," said Boutilier.

We reached out to the water company for comment but General Manager, Mike Polston, declined an on camera interview.​​​​​​​

Polston said anyone dealing with unusually high water bills should contact Nolensville College Grove Utility District directly. The water company will send someone out to read your meter to try to determine what is causing the increase.