NWS Confirms Tornado In Putnam County

Posted at 4:25 PM, Jul 15, 2015

PUTNAM COUNTY, Tenn. - The National Weather Service confirm Tuesday a tornado hit Putnam county earlier in the day.

The EF1 tornado touched down west of Cookeville and headed southeast.

Many residents were cleaning up Tuesday night following the storms. 

The storm moved through around 3:30 pm and seriously damaged more than a dozen buildings including barns. The tornado also sent hundreds of trees to the ground.

The worst hit was the area around Double Springs, Hawkins Crawford and Buffalo Valley Roads between Baxter and Cookeville.

A lumber business known as Truss Co. in Baxter suffered serious structural damage. The tornado ripped the roof off their building and sent it to the ground.

The Miller family farm suffered heavy damage.  They lost a barn and two of their out-buildings suffered damage as well as their home.

Victoria Miller said she was home when she heard the roar and went to the basement for safety. Four generations of her family live on the property and everyone made it through the storm safely.

Miller said the next step was to begin cleanup and then rebuild.

Not far away on Double Springs Road residents saw several big trees come crashing down.

Judy Kelly runs a daycare out of her home. She said some parents were leaving with their kids when they saw the extensive damage.

Residents, with the help of neighbors, were already cleaning up Tuesday evening patching roofs and clearing downed trees.

Officials say the biggest problem was from people driving through looking at the damage. They are asking for people to stay away so cleanup can move as fast as possible.

Tuesday night power was back on to much of the area.

A second EF1 tornado was confirmed to have touched down Tuesday this time in Pickett county. The tornado moved southeast into Fentress County. No injuries were reported.