Officer credits his training in rescue of missing elderly woman

Posted at 10:39 PM, May 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-28 23:51:55-04

MADISON, Tenn (WTVF) — A 95-year-old woman is safe after after accidentally wandering off thanks to a Metro Police officer. Officer Nick Berens with search and rescue was called to assist in the search Monday night for Waurine Winters.

Saturday night was the last time anyone saw Winters, the Madison great-grandmother was not home. A Silver Alert was issued Sunday for Winters, by Monday the search was still ongoing.

"I went out to the wood line along Mansker Creek there and followed that out until I found a little ATV path and I was like well I'll head down this path because it leads to an open field," said Berens.

Officer Berens set out alone in the dark with a map and his training with one mission: bringing Ms. Winters home.

"I started to hear kind of a noise off in the woods, and I was like I think that's an animal, couldn't really tell but I went to investigate it," he said; so Berens followed the noise deeper into the woods not too far from Winters' home.

"And found her down in the ravine and stuck in some mud," said Berens.

Winters was alive and alert. She some cuts and bruises but no serious injuries, her son tells Newschannel 5 that they are very lucky.

As for Berens he's just glad he was able to put his training into practice.

"I was just glad that she was alive and talking and seemed to be doing well for the set of circumstances," he said

Goodlettsville fire crews provided a basket to helped hoist Ms. Winters up 50-feet out of the ravine to safety. It was the perfect ending to a series of worrisome days.

"It feels great, I can't be happier I was glad to find her," said Berens.

Winter's son says his mother is still at the hospital and she should be released in a few days.