Officials ID Man, Woman Found Dead In Ashland City

Posted at 1:33 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 14:33:03-05

Investigators have identified a man and woman whose bodies were discovered at a “bizarre scene" at a Cheatham County home. 

Sheriff’s officials said the bodies of 60-year-old John M. Pendleton and 67-year-old Mildred Jones were found at their Caldwell Road residence on January 26.

Autopsies were completed on Monday. However, neither cause of death was immediately known until all toxicology tests are complete.

Preliminary findings revealed no foul play was involved.

According to officials, Jones had been deceased in her bedroom for some time before Pendleton died in the front yard. They said there’s evidence that Pendleton kept her death a secret for unknown reasons, even going as far as trying to mask the decomposing odor inside the residence.

Pendleton was reportedly seen as recently as last week coming and going from the home in his vehicle. Investigators said evidence indicates he continued to sleep at the home while her body was in the bedroom.

Jones was last seen by neighbors and friends before Christmas and was reportedly in poor health from a series of strokes.

Officials said Pendleton and Jones were first cousins and had lived together since Jones’ husband passed away several years ago.

The case remained active and ongoing.