One Year After Fire, East Nashville Resident Returns Home

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - More than one year after a fire gutted an East Nashville woman's home, she is finally able to return to her house.

Jacquelyn Pitts was heartbroken when she lost everything in her home of 29 years after an electrical fire in October of 2016.

Now she proudly shows off her newly renovated home, complete with new appliances, a new laundry room, and furniture.

“I don’t really want to leave,” said Pitts. “I go and do what I want to do, but I get back here as quick as I can.”

Pitts first reached out to NewsChannel 5 in August when she was still waiting on repairs to be made at her house. She had nowhere to stay, and was forced to live in a makeshift tent in her backyard for two weeks.

The company overseeing the repairs, BMS CAT, originally said work began on Pitts’ home right after the fire.  However, there was a long delay while waiting on a structural engineer to inspect the site.  The engineer is required by the insurance company.  Staffing changes resulted in further delays.

However, Pitts said shortly after the story aired on NewsChannel 5, BMS CAT moved her into a hotel, and construction work picked up at the home.

“I came by every day, and they were over here getting things together,” said Pitts. “When they said I could move in, I was ready to move in!”

Pitts is still getting things situated in her home, but is grateful to be back inside right before the holidays.  Pitts said there is still some work being done on the roof, but she is pleased with what has been done.

“That’s the main thing,” said Pitts. “I’m here and it looks nice.  Everybody comes to my house for the holidays. I do all the cooking and the baking.”

A spokesperson for BMS CAT said in a statement: “We are happy Mrs. Pitts and her family are back in their home. We have been committed to making sure she is 100 percent satisfied and are pleased to see that result come to fruition."

The spokesperson added, the work on the roof was not part of the insurance coverage for the fire, so the company is not responsible for completing that repair.

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