Outreach Workers Give Water To Homeless

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-13 19:32:38-04

Outreach workers with Open Table Nashville spent handing out water bottles to people living on the streets in Nashville during the summer heat.

As temperatures reached the mid-90s Wednesday, workers started their morning passing out ice cold water bottles to the homeless near Church street.

Lindsey Krinks with Open Table Nashville said dehydration is affecting a lot of people who are unable to stay indoors.

A group of volunteers also set up a foot clinic and helped care for people's feet earlier on in the day.

"A lot of people walk miles every day just to get to basic services, basic needs. So we took care of people's feet and tried to connect people with resources," Krinks said.

"We do outreach Wednesdays which is when we bring a lot of frozen waters to as many places as we can. Since we're outreach workers we're always carrying water with us in the summer," she said.

Krinks said the larger community can help by giving out water too.

"Carry water in your car with you when you're out. If you see somebody that is standing on a median or an off-ramp, give water out. So that's a very simple thing that everybody can do," she said.

Krinks mentioned Open Table Nashville is low on water supples and bug spray. Anyone wanting to donate water or bug spray can visit Open Table Nashville's website.