Owner Believes Dog Was Victim Of Animal Cruelty, Wants Justice

Posted at 9:28 PM, Jan 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 23:16:42-05

A White House man believes his dog was the victim of animal cruelty, and he wants the person responsible to be punished.

Milo, a 6 year old Schnauzer mix, is well known in the community as the unofficial mascot at his owner’s business, Value Cargo Vans.  He has also earned the nickname the “Tennessee Biker Dog” for his love of riding motorcycles.

His owner, Joe Burris, said Friday at 5:30 p.m., a driver delivered some vans at the business, and Milo snuck outside while Burris was talking with the driver.  He locked up and left for the day, and later got a call from White House police that his dog had been killed.

“I was devastated.  I was devastated,” aid Burris.  “ I was so sad, and I’m angry.”

Burris said he believes the delivery driver kicked Milo, broke his neck and killed him.  However, the delivery company offered a different explanation.  The owner said the dog had charged at the driver, and he kicked it a couple times, and then the dog was run over by a truck.

Burris said the story didn’t add up, and he didn’t feel like he was getting a straight answer.

“From looking at Milo’s body, there were no marks, no blood and no scars,” aid Burris.  “I’m confident he didn’t get hit by a truck.”

Tuesday was the first day of business at Value Cargo Vans since Milo passed away, and the atmosphere was noticeably somber.

“It just hasn’t been the same,” said Jason Lassiter, an employee at Value Cargo Vans.  “The news was hard to swallow.”

Lassiter said employees were used to seeing Milo run through the halls, greeting customers, and even taking an occasional nap on their desks.

Burris said he is struggling to adjust to a world without his best friend, and he is determined to get answers.

“I want justice for Milo,” said Burris.  “I would give my business to have Milo back today.  That’s how much I loved him.”

Burris has filed a police report and the White House Police Department is investigating.

The C.E. Kord Animal Health Laboratory at the Tennessee Department of Agriculture will perform a necropsy on Wednesday.