Owner of Bobby Q's talks about restaurant's legacy ahead of closing

Bobby Q's
Posted at 7:26 PM, Apr 19, 2022
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COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — For 37 years, a smiling face has built a following with his lovingly created plates of southern favorites. For health reasons, he says he must close Cookeville's Bobby Q's after its last day Saturday.

"Back in 1985, we purchased Bobby Q's," said owner Mike Migliore.

Migliore was tired of life as a salesman on the road. This was the change he needed.

"It's kinda like eating dinner with family," said longtime customer Robert Hall.

Pitmaster Lee Gann said business at the place owes a bit to that brown sugar banana pudding.

"It is famous, I do believe," she smiled.

"A lifetime experience!" said customer Margaret West.

"I think it's made with love," Hall noted.

"You gotta stand there and stir it until it feels like your arm is coming off!" Migliore explained. "It was written up in Ladies Home Journal."

Having something so special so long is why it's hard for Migliore to see it end.

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Owner of Bobby Q's talks about restaurant's legacy ahead of closing

"I'm on dialysis," he said. "I'm a diabetic now. I have to take insulin three or four times a day. I've got two bad knees. I only have one kidney, and I'm in a third stage renal failure."

"Other than that, I'm fine!" Migliore smiled.

As always, a joke and a smile. However, Migliore's health has made him feel he has to close Bobby Q's.

"I've had a lot of people tell me they don't want to see Bobby Q's gone," he said. "It's very hard. Sometimes I get emotional just thinking about it. I want the legacy to go on."

The people who have been coming here for years say it will. Heading toward a final day on Saturday, Migliore has a message for those dedicated customers who filled this space with happy chatter for years.

"I'll miss it. Goodbye. Let's keep in touch," he said.

Migliore said he's still looking for buyers, and the restaurant could continue if the right person is interested.