Owner of new yoga and juice bar hopes to bring healthier options to North Nashville

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Posted at 9:36 PM, Jul 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-12 23:58:45-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WTVF) — A business owner is on a mission to add more healthy options to North Nashville. Inner G Juice and Yoga opened last week.

Nielah Burnett's mission is to introduce healthier lifestyle choices to the Black Community. Burnett came to Nashville from Atlanta. There, she fell in love with yoga and clean eating.

"It just became a thing for me and over time, it became something that was really important to my own health and wellness," Burnett said.

But when she moved to Music City she didn't see many options like that in the Black Community. Burnett wanted to create a space that was not just for healing but for belonging as well.

"I started finding people who could relate to that journey," Burnett said. "Where they didn't know where to go to get things that were good for them, they didn't necessarily feel like they fit in in places where there were those offerings, they wanted to do yoga, but they didn't know if they could go somewhere and feel like it was a place for them."

It was a dream in 2011 and it became a reality last week when Inner G juice and Yoga opened its doors.

"Just over time it became a thing of mine that I just decided the storefront was the way to go and North Nashville just seemed like the best place to do it."

Burnett says she always wanted her business in North Nashville, which is home to so many other black-owned businesses. But the area was missing healthier choices.

It just made sense to be able to bring something fresh, something new, something that was centered around wellness by someone who looks like the community to a community that needed it the most," she said.

It's a community that is oftentimes faced with underlying health conditions. Burnett says it was important to do something.

"For me, the health and wellness is the underlying reason why we exist, not just because I wanted a business but because I happen to be a part of a community where I am disproportionately impacted by things that are just a result of choice and options."

Inner G officially opened Friday, July 9. More information on classes and juices is listed on its webpage.